Learn the story behind Double Barrel Steak, where culinary artistry meets imagination. Explore our journey in Rhode Island.

About Double Barrel Steak

Double Barrel Steak at The Preserve, located in Richmon, Rhode Island, in New England, is a leading pioneer in American cooking. Our culinary team has curated a menu that highlights modern American steakhouse-inspired cuisine. Our menu prominently features dry-aged beef and pays homage to Rhode Island’s “Ocean State” by offering a variety of ocean steaks, including swordfish, halibut, and tuna. We also proudly resurrect Rhode Island’s famous swordfish chops, which gained global recognition when introduced at New York City’s Park Avenue Café in the early 1990s, solidifying Double Barrel Steak as both a seafood restaurant and a steakhouse. Additionally, we embrace The Preserve’s outdoor experiences by incorporating seasonal game into our menu.

Situated in the main clubhouse, our restaurant provides

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Preserve Sporting Club & Residences

The Preserve Sporting Club

The Preserve was conceived as an unparalleled luxury resort and master-planned community, offering the best outdoor experiences, luxury restaurants, luxury accommodations, and luxury homes in the United States within a breathtaking, protected landscape.

Welcoming a community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts – a gathering of stewards of our environment who seek a sanctuary from the rigors of modern life – The Preserve has created a variety of lodging types to suit many needs, all with luxurious amenities, to provide an elevated experience within unspoiled nature.

Stewardship of nature is a major part of our pursuit. Our 3,500 pristine acres are surrounded by thousands more protected acres of the Carolina Management Area, and we are constantly modeling preservation traits we see utilized in these open spaces, grasslands and forestlands as we shape The Preserve. Selective cutting, wildlife sanctuaries and donated non-developable land are just some of the many ways we give back to nature for all that it lends us.

Adventure, wellness and self-discovery are waiting for you here.